Contextual multiscreen OTT

When you use Vigour Video to power your video service, everything starts with a highly optimised user experience for every platform (TV, tablets, phones, web). However, when a user adds an additional screen to a ‘standalone’ product experience, both devices automatically start working together to offer your customers an even better experience.


Cloud Pairing

Vigour Video detects available devices and connects their interfaces over the cloud. allowing your customers to extend their content experience.

Remote control

Devices take on different roles based on their context of use. A mobile device automatically transforms from a regular interface into a remote controller or second screen when connected to a larger screen.

Contextual content

Use multiscreen situations to provide additional content or deliver social experiences without cluttering the main screen.

Vigour Video Features

Besides contextual multiscreen, we offer all features required for a cutting edge OTT service, view the full feature list below.

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