“We believe that good storytelling should never be constrained by technical boundaries. Our dedication to innovation and technical excellence has not only helped us to raise the bar for media companies and their viewers alike, but also to attract the most driven and talented individuals to become part of our mission.”
Ramon Duivervoorden, CEO

Meet our leadership team

  • Ramon Duivenvoorden

    Ramon Duivenvoorden

  • Jim de Beer

    Jim de Beer

  • Leo Schmidt

    Leo Schmidt

  • Youri Daamen

    Youri Daamen

    Product Development
  • Pavel Jacko

    Pavel Jacko

    Principal Architect
  • Chloe Temple

    Chloe Temple

    Product Design
  • Krystan Huberts

    Krystan Huberts

    Business Development
  • Ieva Pipinyte

    Ieva Pipinyte

    Product Management