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You can find all our current job openings here, but even when there are no official openings we are always open to talk to awesome people :)

Just apply to our generic position or send us an email to (markdown emails are fine too...we will love it!)

For engineering roles, we are not interested in shiny CVs - a simple markdown file where you tell us about yourself is enough. We will find out all we need to know about you anyway (github, LinkedIn, Stack, etc.). Instead we really want to know who you are, what you burn for and why you think you could be a good fit for us. We are really proud of our developer driven culture and we are looking for people like us who are passionate about what they do and share the same culture.

Either way, remember to tell us about yourself, about relevant projects you worked on, ideally great products that you brought to life and also about challenges that you have faced and how you fixed them (it happens to everyone...). You can also point us to all the projects on GitHub you think are relevant for our conversation.

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