Vigour began with a big idea packaged as a simple proof of concept: getting a bird to leapfrog effortlessly from one tablet to another in real time. This project revealed itself to be the tip of a very large iceberg that every modern media company must reckon with. In the face of a deeply fractured ecosystem of devices, how do you create a unified experience without complicating standalone applications?

Four years later, our team has expanded to Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Berlin to continue evolving multiscreen video platform that empowers broadcasters, operators to create more fluid, interactive, and meaningful content experiences for millions of people.

In the face of a deeply fractured ecosystem of devices, how do you create a unified experience?

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"We believe that good storytelling should never be constrained by technical boundaries. Our dedication to innovation and technical excellence has not only helped us to raise the bar for media companies and their viewers alike, but also to attract the most driven and talented individuals to become part of our mission."
Ramon Duivervoorden, CEO Meet our Leadership team
Every generation leaves a distinct footprint on the evolution of media, but it is up to the individuals within each generation to decide how big that footprint should be, and what it should look like. Witnessing the massive impact media consumption has on how we share stories, learn and grow, we have developed a deep passion for constantly questioning our industry’s legacy models and looking ahead to what’s next. We’ve assembled an ambitious team to execute this vision. If you want to be part of a tight family that can't stop thinking about new ways to revolutionize media services, check out our careers page:
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Vigour is part of an emerging trend for technology that goes beyond the initial, simplistic theories of "second-screen" entertainment