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Vigour and VIACOM partner up to launch MTV PLAY, the world’s first ‘contextual multiscreen’ OTT platform.

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The OTT Platform that is ready for the future

Vigour empowers media companies and operators to revolutionise online video services using Vigour Video, a world class interface platform that captivates your customers and connects their screens.

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What makes Vigour unique?

Vigour enabled services don’t stop at the edges of your screen. Using a unique concept we call ‘contextual multiscreen’, screens automatically melt together when used in concert, switching their behaviour based on their context of use.

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How does it work?

A unique combination of a purpose made UI framework and integrated cloud platform create a fluid interface across devices, complementing your backend infrastructure with a jaw-dropping UI.

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What can I do with Vigour Video?

Vigour Video can power stunning OTT experiences for media companies, operators and sports broadcasters. Read here how you can revolutionise your video service!

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